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Android Quick Start Guide for XX51A XX52A, XX59A, and XX60A P2P Cameras

Thank you for choosing AirSight as your IP WIFI Camera!


This guide is designed to help you setup your camera and view wirelessly on your Apple or Android device.

  • Setup is simple and takes only minutes.


You need to set up your camera using a network cable (wired) first before you attempt to use it wirelessly.

  1. Attach the Wi-Fi antenna to the camera. Antenna.JPG
  2. Plug one end of the network cable into the camera, and the other end into your router/switch. Network ctn.png
  3. Plug the included power adapter into the camera and into an AC outlet for power. Plugin.png



  • Click the AddCamIcon.png "Add Camera" tab at the bottom of the screen

  • Your camera should automatically appear in the "Search to the number of cameras (0)" list


  • If the camera doesn't automatically show up in the list tap Refresh.png in the top right-hand corner

  • Tap the camera in the list to access the ADD CAMERA MENU


  1. UID: This is the camera's unique P2P ID and should not be changed.
  2. NAME: This can be any name of your choosing - "Camera" is the default name.
  3. SECURITY CODE: The default code is six zeros 000000 - this can be changed later in the ADVANCED SETTINGS MENU

  • Once your password has been entered tap OK.

  • Click the AndCamIcon.png "CAMERAS" tab at the bottom of the screen

  • Tap on your camera in the CAMERAS list to view your camera



1) While the camera is still plugged into the router go to the CAMERAS tab

2) Click the AndSetIcon.png button to the right of your camera's name to access the EDIT CAMERA menu


3) Tap the ADVANCED SETTING menu


4) Select the WI-FI SETTING menu


5) Choose your WiFi network from the list and input your password.


6) Tap OK to exit the MANAGE WI-FI NETWORKS menu - then SAVE to return to the the WI-FI SETTING menu

7) Tap BACK to exit the WI-FI SETTING menu

8) Tap BACK to exit the ADVANCED SETTING menu

9) Tap SAVE to exit the EDIT CAMERA menu

10) POWER DOWN your camera by unplugging the camera's AC adapter.


11) Unplug camera from the network cable.


12) Wait a few moments, then plug your camera's AC adapter back into your camera.


13) Allow a few minutes for the camera to fully reboot.


14) Once your camera has finished centering itself - tap your camera in the CAMERAS tab.

15) You are now Wireless!