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X10 PLC01: Smart Power Line Command (PLC) Repeater


The new PLC01 was designed to improve the overall reliability of X10 in your home. Sometimes, the lighting and appliances we have in our home can create a lot of electrical feedback or Line Noise. This sometimes makes it difficult for the X10 signal (which uses those same power lines to communicate with other X10 devices) to reach throughout your home. This is represented in the picture below:

PLC01 2.png

Almost every home has some form of line noise. Occasionally, there can be so much noise that it can weaken the X10 signal to the point that it cannot be received by the receivers throughout your house. Sometimes it can be very hard to track down what exactly is causing the noise. If you are suffering from line noise or indeterminacy with your system, try out this plug in repeater. It is ultra simple to install. Simply plug it in and enjoy your hassle free Home Automation!

The unit is small and can plug into any outlet. It also has a pass-through outlet so you are not wasting an outlet having it plugged in! Try moving it around from outlet to outlet until you find the optimal placement to beat the line noise.

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