Personal Assistance Voice Dialer (PA5800) Set-Up

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How do I set up the Personal Assistance System?

How do I record a message for my personal alert system?

How do I enter phone numbers in my personal alert system?


Placing the Console

Select a location that is within range of where you will use the Call Pendant (up to 50 feet) and within easy reach of a phone jack.

Setting Up the Console

  • Plug the Console into an AC outlet.
  • Install a 9-volt alkaline battery in the battery compartment on the back of the Console.
  • Fully extend the RF antenna.
  • Set the INSTALL/RUN switch on the Console to INSTALL.
  • Plug the included phone cord into the socket on the back of the Console.
  • Then, plug the phone cord into an unused telephone jack. If you do not have available phone jacks, you can use the included "T" adapter to plug the Console and your telephone into the same jack.
  • The switch on the bottom of the Console is set for Tone (for touch-tone phones). If you do not have a touch-tone phone service, set the switch to Pulse.

Setting Up Call Pendant(s)

This procedure initializes each Call Pendant so that the Console recognizes its commands.

  • Set the Console's slide switch to INSTALL.
  • Press [CALL] on the HP564 Call Pendant.
  • The Console sounds a tone. If you do not hear it, press the Call Pendant's [CODE] button; then press [CALL] again. Note: The [CODE] button is inside the HP564, so you will need to remove the screw on the back to open the unit.
  • Close the HP564 and replace the screw.
  • To set up additional HP564 Call Pendants (up to eight), repeat steps 1 through 4.

Setting Up Phone Numbers

Warning: DO NOT program the Console to dial the Police or a Hospital directly. Program it to call a friend or relative.

  • Set the Console's INSTALL/RUN switch to INSTALL.
  • Press the [PROG] button on the console.
  • Enter the first phone number that you want the Console to call in the event of a problem. For example 555-1234.
  • Press the [MEM] button.
  • Press [1] to store the phone number in memory location 1.
  • Press [PROG], enter the second phone number, press [MEM], [2].
  • Press [PROG], enter the third phone number, press [MEM], [3].
  • Press [PROG], enter the fourth phone number, press [MEM], [4].
  • Repeat the process to change a phone number.

If you only want to store one phone number, fill up the memory locations with the same number. Example:

Memory Location 1: 555-1234
Memory Location 2: 555-1234
Memory Location 3: 555-1234
Memory Location 4: 555-1234

Storing A Voice Message

  • Set the Console to INSTALL.
  • Press the [RECORD] button. The RECORD light turns on.
  • Speak clearly into the microphone on the front of the Console. You can record up to 15 seconds of speech. For example: "This is Mrs. Smith. I have a problem at 555-4444. Please press 0 to listen in." After 15 seconds, the RECORD light turns off.
  • Set the Console to RUN. The Console plays back your message through the earphone so you can hear what it sounds like (it sounds better when actually played over the phone line).
  • If you want to hear the message again, set the Console to INSTALL and then back to RUN.
  • Repeat the steps above to change the message.

Testing the Dialer

  • Make sure the phone numbers have been entered into the Console per the instructions above.
  • Make sure the Console is connected to the phone line.
  • Place the Console in the RUN mode.
  • Call your friend or neighbor to let them know you are going to test the system.

Triggering the System

  • Press the Call Pendant's [CALL] button. The alarm sounds and the Console dials the first phone number.
  • Shortly after it dials the number, the Console starts to play its message. If the person it calls does not answer within approximately 30 seconds, or if they answer but do not press 0 on their phone, the Console calls the next number (up to 4 numbers).
  • If the listener presses 0 on their phone, the alarm stops and they will be able to listen in (for 75 seconds). To test this, you can speak, then call them back to ask them what you said. Note: You might have to wait up to 75 seconds before calling them because the Console keeps the phone line tied up for this period of time.
  • 75 seconds after the listener presses 0, the alarm resumes and stops after 4 minutes unless you press [STOP] on the Call Pendant to stop the alarm and reset the Console.

If the Console does not get an answer after it calls all four numbers, it calls all four in turn again and keeps doing so until it gets a response. If it has not had a response after 4 minutes, the alarm stops and the Console stops dialing.

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