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Why is my PowerHorn silent?


If you have plugged in your siren and are finding that it is not alarming while your console is sounding its alarm try:

  • Plugging the siren into a different outlet. For testing purposes plug it into the same outlet as the security system console.

The siren may not have heard the console send several repeated ON/OFF signals.

  • If you have an X10 automation remote, like the HR12A, you can manually do this by pressing the ON/OFF buttons repeatedly until the siren sounds its alarm.
    • If your siren is set to A2, you would press the A2 ON/OFF buttons on your remote repeatedly until the siren starts up.
    • You then need to keep pressing the ON/OFF buttons for it to continue making noise.

If you are using the SC1200 console:

  • The siren needs to be at the same House Code as the console, and one Unit Code higher.
  • The console defaults to A1, so try A2 first.

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