Problems Opening Remote Viewer

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Questions When I go to, I see the broken image icon and I can't access the PanTilt Pro controls. Answer There are three reasons that the PanTilt Pro remote viewing site may not load:

  • The computer in use at the remote location does not have a Microsoft Windows operating system. It must be using a Windows and Internet Explorer to use
  • ActiveX controls are not enabled in the web browser. ActiveX controls need to be enabled in order to access images through
  • If your computer is on a network, you may not be authorized to install or run the PanTilt Pro remote application. Even though it runs in your web browser, PanTilt Pro Remote does install a small program on the computer. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, your user login may not have permission to install it. Make sure you are logged in as a Power User or Administrator and have authorization to run the remote user software interface.

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