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[[Troubleshooting Camera Switching]]
[[Troubleshooting Camera Switching]]
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Relates to: XX11A, XX12A, XX16A, XX17A, XC10A, XC18A, XC19A

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When I use the battery pack with one of my wireless XCams, why does the camera no longer respond to remote control commands?


When a wireless camera uses a battery pack, it is no longer connected to your house wiring. The house wiring is how X10 Commands travel from a TM751 Transceiver module or CM15A ActiveHome Pro Interface to your X10 products. A camera using a battery pack cannot not respond to these commands, because it is not using its addressable power supply. It is continuously powered and therefore transmits at all times. Due to this lack of control, you may experience signal interference when any other cameras (those connected to power outlets) are turned on.

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