Programing Your Socket Rocket Without A Remote

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Questions How can I program my socket rocket without a remote? Answer If you purchased an ActiveHome Pro kit without a remote, you can still program your LM15A by creating a macro to send the 3 sequential On commands with a 1 second delay between each. Creating A Macro To create a new macro, click on the (+) button on the Macros bar in the Folder pane. You can also add a macro from the Edit menu, or by right-clicking in a room and choosing �Add Macro� from the pop-up menu. When you create a new macro, you start in a blank Macro Editor window.

  • Drag your Socket Rocket module from the right-hand pane into the Macro Designer. Select the "ON" button. Repeat this twice so the module is listed three times within the Macro Designer.
  • Drag the "Delay" option from the right-hand pane between your first and second Socket Rocket modules.
  • Drag the "Delay" option from the right-hand pane between your second and third Socket Rocket modules.
  • Change the "Delay" in each box to be only 00:00:01.
  • After the macro is designed, click on "Tools," and select "Download Timers and Macros" from the toolbar.
  • Go to the room you placed your macro in and click on "Run Macro."
  • Your light should now be turned on and programmed to the house and unit code you selected within the software.

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