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#REDIRECT [[DS7000]]
Affordable. Easy to Install. Hassle Free.
X10 alarm consoles are the perfect alarm systems for the do-it-yourself household in need of a quality burglar alarm system. Install it in under thirty minutes, expand it to suit the size of your house and lifestyle, and remove it without ruining the walls in your new house or apartment. It’s exactly the wireless home security system you’ve been looking for!
==PS561 Console Specifications==
;Weight:  0.2 lbs. 
;Power Supply:  120VAC @ 60Hz 
;Power Consumption:  6W 
;Backup Battery: One (1) 9V backup battery 
;Dimensions: 5" x 7" x 2"
Always innovating and bringing you '''NEW''' products we have discontinued production of the DS7000/PS561 Consoles to bring you the new '''SecuriLINK Home Security System'''.
*Click [http://www.x10.com/home-security.html here] to check out the New Voice Dialer System!
==Product Pages==
*[http://www.manualslib.com/manual/338837/X10-Ds7000.html Detailed DS7000 Instructions]
*[http://www.x10community.com/forums/index.php?board=9.0 Forums]
*[http://www.x10.com/home-security.html Purchase the '''NEW''' SecuriLINK System!]
[[Protector Plus Wireless Voice Dialer Security System Troubleshooting|Why is my system not working correctly?]]
[[Unplug PS561 And Remove Battery|I made an error while setting up my console. How can I reset the system?]]
[[System Chimes and Does Not Arm|Why does my security system quickly chime and not arm when I try to arm it?]]
[[Dialing Zero On A Cellphone|I can stop the dialing sequence and listen in by pressing "0" on a regular phone, so why doesn't it work on my cellphone? ]]
[[Protector Plus Does Not Dial Correctly|When I trip the alarm, my Protector Plus sounds the alarm but does not seem to dial the numbers. What can I check?]]
[[Protector Plus False Alarms|Why did my Protector Plus go off by itself? ]]
[[Protector Plus (DS7000) Message Dialer Quick Setup|How do I setup my security system?]]
[[Protector Plus (DS7000) Message Dialer Quick Setup|How do I program phone numbers in the console?]]
[[Identifying and Fixing Low Battery Warnings|Why does my security console beep five times?]]
[[Troubleshooting Zone Lights Indicators|What do the blinking and flashing lights on my security console mean?]]
[[Slow Chiming Console|Why does my security system slowly chime when I try to arm it?]]
[[Alarm Does Not Trip|When I opened a door or window, the alarm did not go off. What could cause this?]]
[[PS561 Will Not Dial|My DS7000 alarm system will sound the alarm, but it does not dial out. What can I do? ]]
[[Protector Plus Battery Replacement|How long will the DS7000's batteries last?]]
[[Delay Mode|How can I arm the system with an entry or exit delay?]]
[[Protector Plus Battery Replacement|How can I replace the battery in the DS7000 console? ]]
[[Protector Plus Battery Replacement|Are there any special steps I should take to replace the motion sensor batteries?]]
[[Security Code Variations|How many possible Security Code variations can be generated by a security remote?]]
[[Run1 vs Run2|What is the difference between the RUN1 and RUN2 modes on the Protector Plus?]]
[[Eight Remotes Sixteen Sensors|How many security sensors can I install into the DS7000 system? ]]
[[Eight Remotes Sixteen Sensors|How many remote controls can I install into the DS7000 system? ]]
[[Run1 vs Run2|Why does my Protector Plus chime when I open a door?]]
[[Run1 vs Run2|Can I set up my Protector Plus to chime when I open a door?]]
[[Power Horn Not Working|Why is my PowerHorn not working?]]
[[Voice Dialers And VOIP|Are your Voice Dialer products compatible with Voice over IP (Internet) phones? ]]
[[Pets and Motion Sensors|Will my pet set off the motion sensor?]]
[[Setting Up an Outdoor Siren|Can I hook up an outdoor siren to my security system?]]
[[PowerHorn Setup|How do I add a PowerHorn siren to my system?]]
[[PowerHorn Setup|When I alarm the system in the Delay mode, is my siren supposed to make noise?]]
[[Extending the Range of Security System Sensors and Remotes|How can I make my remotes and sensors work farther from the console?]]
[[Adding A Switch To A Door Sensor|I have a double window or door; do I need to use two Door/Window Sensors?]]
[[Adding A Switch To A Door Sensor|How can I add an extra magnet switch to a Door/Window Sensor?]]
[[Adding A Switch To A Door Sensor|Can I use another sensor with the Protector Plus, like a water level sensor? ]]
[[Controlling Lamps with Protector Plus|How do I use my Lamp Modules with Protector Plus?]]
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