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Nothing happens when I use my remote.


If nothing happens when you try to use your Boom 2000 remote, you need to customize your player. To do this, right-click on the Boom 2000 screen and choose Customize.

A00014 01.jpg

If you know the exact path to the desired player, you can type it directly into the text box.

A00014 02.jpg

Now, with the appropriate player selected in the name list on the left, choose the desired function from the scroll list. Next, select the Use Key checkbox. You will see more options become available. If the keyboard function you want to use requires the CTRL; ALT; or SHIFT keys, pick them as appropriate and choose the key combination from the pull-down menu. Repeat this process for each keyboard function you wish to assign.

A00014 03.jpg

A00014 04.jpg

A00014 05.jpg

Finally, right click on the main window and select Players.

A00014 06.jpg A00014 07.jpg