Remote Viewing Over the Internet with Vanguard Software

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How do I access my picture from another computer using Vanguard Control Center?


Vanguard is designed so that you can make your live cameras and saved video and still images available to remote users over the Internet. The computer where you run Vanguard and have cameras connected is called the Vanguard Server when you are sharing images over the Internet.

To start sharing, all you have to do is click the Connect button on the Vanguard software on your server computer.

If your sharing settings are configured, you are ready to start sharing. When you click Connect, your Vanguard server connects to an X10 server that acts as a gateway for remote users.

Accessing Your Server Remotely

Once you have the Vanguard Server configured and running the way you want it, you can access your images from any Windows computer connected to the Web and running Internet Explorer 5 or newer.

Before you get started, you will need to know your user identification code and password. You can get these from the Remote User Settings window on your Vanguard Server. If you have that ready, direct your browser to:

The Remote Client looks just like the Vanguard Server, but loads in your browser window. When it is done loading, click the Connect button to open the connection window.

Enter your Access ID, a name for this connection, and the password for this Access ID (the Username field is optional). Click Connect to make the connection to the Vanguard server. After the first time you connect, the connection information will be saved in the list box. You can just click on a name in the list to automatically enter the connection information.

Once a connection is established, you have remote access and control of all the features in the Vanguard Server.

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