Remote Viewing Over the Internet with Vanguard Software

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Questions How do I access video from another computer using Vanguard Control Center? Answer Vanguard Control Center makes your video available to people with the correct ID Code and Password through the Vanguard Control Center web service. To find your ID Code and change the password, click on the Options tab in Vanguard Control Center, and then select the Remote User tab. Write down the ID code (a combination of 10 numbers and letters) to give to remote users. The password can be changed here as well. [p]To access images and video from the remote computer, connect to the Internet, open the web browser, and go to [a href=""][/a]. The Vanguard Control Center remote program loads. Enter your 10-digit ID and password and click Connect. In just a few seconds, your browser will be connected to the X10 Vanguard server and your server computer (the one with the camera/video receiver connected to it).[/p] Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00062.html"]a00062[/a] : Using Vanguard with Firewall or Proxy Server[BR] Key Topics: firewall, proxy, port Relates to: VK77A, XC21A, XC21B, CR15A, SW26A, VA11A, CM19A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00064.html"]a00064[/a] : Problems Opening Remote Viewer[BR] Key Topics: gate, x10, com, remote, internet, viewer, client, server, site, vanguard Relates to: VK77A, XC21A, XC21B, CR15A, SW26A, VA11A, CM19A [img src=""]