Sending E-mail with MyHouse Online

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Questions How do I use MyHouse Online to send e-mail? Answer Send E-mail There are two ways to send e-mail through MyHouse Online: simple e-mail, and e-mailing images. They both require a macro. The simple e-mail command is listed under Advanced Functions in the Room List of the Macro Designer. The e-mail images command is under Video Functions. Send an E-mail When you first drag the E-mail Notification command into your macro, the e-mail information window pops up. [p class="bodytext"][img src="421.gif" height="205" width="350" vspace="0" hspace="0" align="bottom" border="0">[/p> You can type an e-mail address or pick one from your Address Book. Next, enter the subject of the e-mail as you want it to appear, and then enter the text of your message. You might want to indicate which macro sends the email, for example. You can change the message or address at any time by selecting the Edit button on the Send E-mail command in your macro. [p class="bodytext"][img src="423.gif" alt="Send Email Macro Command" height="56" width="280" vspace="0" hspace="0" align="bottom" border="0">[/p> E-mail Images If you have the iWitness plug-in installed, you can use a MyHouse macro command to send you images as part of your macro. When you first add this command, it opens the e-mail dialog box as above. After all the information is entered, configure the macro to send pictures. [p class="bodytext"][img src="424.gif" height="143" width="326" vspace="0" hspace="0" align="bottom" border="0">[/p> Email the most recent image.This tells the macro to send the single most recent picture with your e-mail. Email multiple images over time. Select this option to have MyHouse Online send multiple e-mails with updated pictures. Choose the frequency and duration of these e-mails. Related Articles [img src=""]