Setting Up Video Sender L2 with your Computer

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Questions How do I set up the Video Sender L2 with my computer? Answer To use the Video Sender L2 kit to transmit audio and video from your computer, follow these steps: 1 Unpack these items. [p][img border="0" src="mk11_1.gif"> 2 Download and install the Lola software. [p ALIGN="LEFT"][img border="0" src="mk_down.gif">[/p> 3 Plug in the USB Receiver on the Transmitter. [p][img border="0" src="mk11_2.gif"> 4 Put 4 AAA batteries into the remote control. [p ALIGN="LEFT"][img border="0" src="mk_batteries.gif">[/p> 5 Now give it a try! [p][img border="0" src="mk_try.gif"> Set Up the Wireless Connection Video [td valign="top" align="left"][p>[font face="Arial">Parts[/font>[/p>[p>[img border="0" src="mk11_vidcab.gif">[/td> Connections [p ALIGN="LEFT"][img border="0" src="mk11_vida.gif">[/p> Audio [td valign="top" align="left"][p>[font FACE="Arial">Parts[/font>[p>[img border="0" src="mk11_audcab.gif">[/td> Connections [p ALIGN="LEFT"][img border="0" src="mk11_auda.gif">[/p> Video Receiver [td valign="top" align="left"][p>[font FACE="Arial">Parts[/font>[p>[img border="0" src="mk11mk12_reccab.gif">[/td> Connections [p ALIGN="LEFT"][img border="0" src="mk11mk12_reca.gif">[/p> Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00201.html"]a00201[/a] : Setting Up Video Sender with Tivo[BR] Key Topics: video,sender,receiver,transmitter,wireless,audio,video,tivo Relates to: VK54A,VR30A,VT32A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00208.html"]a00208[/a] : Setting Up the Infrared Remote Sender (PowerMID)[BR] Key Topics: remote,control,rf,infrared,universal,sender,receiver,transmitter,powermid,power,mid,instructions,set,up,install,help Relates to: PM5900,ST539,RE548,RX569 [a href="/kbase/articles/a00209.html"]a00209[/a] : Setting Up the Platinum Universal Remote[BR] Key Topics: universal,remote,control,tv,vcr,dvd,instructions,set,up,install,help Relates to: UR73A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00210.html"]a00210[/a] : Setting Up the 5-in-1 Universal Learning Remote[BR] Key Topics: learning,remote,control,tv,vcr,universal,tv,vcr,dvd,audio,instructions,set,up,install,help Relates to: UR74A [a href="/kbase/articles/a00211.html"]a00211[/a] : Setting Up Video Sender L2[BR] Key Topics: video,sender,receiver,transmitter,wireless,audio,video,tivo,dvd,player,dvr,pvr,vcr,vhs,xbox,psx,playstation,satellite,dss,cable,digital,pc,computer,usb,remote,instructions,set,up,install,help Relates to: MK11A,VT42A,VR38A [img src=""]