Setting Up Video Sender with Tivo

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Questions Setting Up Video Sender with Tivo Answer You can set up the video sender in just a few simple steps: 1Unpack these items. [p][img src="vidsend_1_parts.gif">[/p> 2Connect the wireless video receiver to power and plug it into a wall outlet. [p][img src="vidsend_2_rx_power.gif">[/p> 3Connect the video receiver to your second TV, the one where you want to view your Tivo recordings. [p][img src="vidsend_3_rx_rca.gif">[/p> 4Connect the video transmitter to the VCR connection (Output 2) on your Tivo, plug it into power, and turn it on. [p][img src="vidsend_4_tx_tivo.gif">[/p> 5Select your TV�s video input just like you would for Tivo. Your Tivo screen should appear. [p][img src="vidsend_5_video_select.jpg">[/p> 6Adjust the antennas on the transmitter and receiver to improve the picture on your TV. Point the sides marked with 4 squares toward each other. Alternate Receiver Setup: Coaxial Connection If your TV does not have RCA audio/video inputs, or if they are already in use, you can connect the Video Receiver to your TV using the coaxial connection. Instead of following Step 3 (above), do the following:

  • Find the included coaxial cable.
  • Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the coaxial input on your TV. It might be labeled "coax," "cable," or even "antenna."
  • Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the output on the Video Receiver.
  • Plug the Video Receiver into power, and make sure the power switch on its left side is turned on.
  • Use the TV CHANNEL switch on the bottom of the Video Receiver to select the channel on which to display video from the Video Receiver--Channel 3 or Channel 4.

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