Setting Up the Keychain Remote on PS561

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This guide should help you in quickly installing the X10 KR32A Keychain Remote on your PS561/DS7000 console


Registering the KR32A Keychain Remote with the PS561 Security Console

  • Press and HOLD the ARM button on the KR32A for 5-7 seconds. The LED indicator flashes twice when you release it to confirm the Keychain Remote has generated a new security code.
  • Set the slider switch on the Security Console to INSTALL.
  • Press ARM. The console chimes once to confirm that the Keychain Remote has been registered.

Testing the Keychain Remote

  • Return the console slider switch to the RUN1 or RUN2 position.
  • Press ARM on the Keychain Remote. The console chimes once to confirm the system is armed, and the ARM indicator lights.

Note: The Keychain Remote always arms the system instantly--there is no exit or entry delay.

If you successfully registered the remote with the console but are unable to arm the system it means you exceeded the 8 remote control limitation and you will have to clear your other remotes from the console.

Clearing out Remotes and Sensors

How many remote controls can I install?

  • Press LIGHTS ON and LIGHTS OFF to turn on and off a light connected to a lamp module--set to the same house and unit code as the PS561 Voice Dialer console.
  • Press both red buttons to trip the panic alarm. Press DISARM to stop the alarm.

Note: As with all radio frequency transmitter devices, electrical fields, metal doors, and appliances can cause interference that decreases the strength of an X10 signal. Re-orienting the remote or security console may increase your ability to send and receive the necessary signals.

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