Setting Up the Outdoor Motion Sensor

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Questions Setting Up the Outdoor Motion Sensor Answer Simple Setup First refer to the instructions that came with your RoboDog Barking Dog Alarm to make sure it is set up and working properly from the key chain remote that came with it. To set up the Motion Sensor Remove the screws from the front cover on the Motion Sensor and remove the cover. Unclip the Motion Sensor from the back plate. Remove the 2 screws from the battery compartment cover. Insert 4 AA alkaline batteries (observe polarity). Replace the battery cover. Attach the back plate to an exterior wall in a location where the Motion Sensor will see any intruder who approaches your home. Clip the Motion Sensor onto the back plate. Refit the cover. Adjust the swivel up and down for best coverage. Wait for approximately 60 seconds after installing the batteries to let the sensing circuitry settle before testing the unit. To test the Motion Sensor Make sure the slide switch on the back of the RoboDog is set to RUN (to left). Arm the RoboDog by pressing the button on the back. The small red light on the back turns on. Walk past the Motion Sensor. RoboDog starts barking. Five seconds after the barking starts, RoboDog will turn on a Lamp Module set to A1 (if you installed one). The barking will stop approximately 30 seconds later. If the Motion Sensor is tripped again the sequence repeats itself; if no motion is detected for 4 minutes, i.e. RoboDog goes quiet, the Lamp Module set to A1 will turn off. Note: after the Motion Sensor has been tripped, it cannot be triggered again for a period of 30 seconds (to preserve battery life). Press the button on the back of RoboDog to disarm it. The red light goes off. To change the code for the Motion Sensor Move the slide switch on the back of RoboDog to INSTALL (to the right). Remove the batteries from the Motion Sensor and use a dime or a small screwdriver to set the House code dial to match the letter you set on RoboDog. Set a new Unit Code. Replace the batteries, observing polarity. Press TEST on the back of the Motion Sensor. The red light on the back of RoboDog will flash to acknowledge that the Motion Sensor's new code has been accepted. Replace the battery cover on the Motion Sensor, clip it back onto the base, and attach the front cover. You can have as many Motion Sensors as you want and set them all to the same House code and Unit Code. Then, if any one of them sees motion it will trip your RoboDog. Move the slide switch on the back of the RoboDog back to RUN (to the left). Related Articles [img src=""]