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[http://www.x10iconremote.com/icon_universal_remote.html http://graphics.x10.com/images22/intrestest_buying.jpg]
[http://www.x10.com/flash_flv/InconRemote_Fav2/InconRemote_Fav2.html http://graphics.x10.com/images22/help_video_ir10a.jpg]

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How do I set up Favorites on the IconRemote?


Adding new favorite

  • Press the HOME key, select Setup, and then select Favorites.
  • Select Add/Edit and pick a group to add favorites to. Then you have three options:
  1. press a Side Key next to an existing logo (to edit/change it)
  2. press a Side Key next to a blank location to add a new favorites
  3. press More to add or edit icons on a new page.
  • Once you have selected a location, press any digit key, say digit 4, to enter a channel number. You can enter more digits if desired. The channel number can include a dash (-) for digital channels, e.g., 2-3, or can include ENTER, or OK, if your device requires it to change channels, e.g. 472Ok, or 550Ent. You may also want to try putting a 0 in front- programming 013 instead of just 13, for example.
  • Press the Side Key next to Pick Logo. You are shown a screen of popular channel logos. You can select Next (Side Key 10) or Back (Side Key 5) to see more logos.
  • Make sure you have selected the device that you want each favorite to control, e.g. TV, Cable, or Sat. You can use Pick Device to change the type of device.


Adding labels is optional, so if you don’t want to add a label to the logo you can just select Save to save the setting for this favorite.

  • To add a label to the logo press the Side Key next to Label.
  • If you save this favorite, Set Favorite 2 of 10 is now shown at the bottom of the screen to indicate that you can add another favorite channel.
  • To add another favorite channel, then again press a channel number key on the remote, choose a logo and change the Device Type (if you want to).
  • You can add up to 10 favorite channels. You can add more, or delete or edit them later. You can even reorder their positions.
  • Select Done when you’re finished setting up favorites.

Label Display

If you select Label, you see the screen to the right with a small label on top of the logo. Initially the label will be the channel number for that logo. If you Save this, the logo will have a small label representing the channel number for that logo in its bottom right hand corner, see screen (5).

  • You can type in a new label if you want one. You enter the new name for the key using the numeric keys on the remote, in a similar fashion to typing in text on a cell phone.
  • Example: to type KING, press the 5 key twice to enter the letter K. Then wait a second and press the 4 key repeatedly until the letter I is displayed. Then wait a second and press 6 to select N. Finally, wait a second and pressed the 4 key to select G.

Triple Tap Entry

“Triple tap” name entry works in a similar fashion to text entry on a cell phone.

  • Tap each numeric key to cycle through ALL caps, numbers, and lower case letters. E.G., repeatedly pressing the number 2 key cycles through A, B, C, 2, a, b, c.
  • Pressing the 9 key cycles through W, X, Y, Z, 9, w, x, y, z. A “space” can be selected with the 0 (zero) key.
  • The number 1 key selects 1 . @ ? ! - & and : You can backspace an entry with the key to the left of the 0 (zero) key. Press OK (or the Enter “E” key) to confirm your new name.

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