Smart RF Repeater (SR751) Operating Instructions

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How do I setup my SR751 Smart RF Repeater?


The RF Smart Repeater is designed to increase the range of X10 Automation wireless remote controls and motion sensors that operate at 310 MHz and X10 Security remotes and sensors that operate at 433Mhz. It does this by boosting and re-transmitting RF signals it receives from those products.

Install the RF Smart Repeater centrally between the product that is transmitting and the device that is receiving the repeated commands. In some instances you might need to experiment with the location so that the receiving unit does not see both commands, although in most cases this is not a problem.

Installing the Repeater

  • Plug the SR751 into and unswitched AC outlet. Choose an outlet that is mid-way between your Transceiver/Console and your furthest Module, Door/Window Sensor, Motion Detector or Remote Control etc.
  • Fully extend the RF antenna.

Testing the Smart Repeater

  • To test the RF Repeater, set an X10 module and the Transceiver/Console to HouseCode M, UnitCode 1 and the SR751 to “T” and press the TEST button, the module will turn on. Press TEST again and the module will turn off. If that doesn’t happen, try moving the RF Repeater closer to the Transceiver/Console.

For very large houses you may want to use more than one SR751. If you use more than one, set the dial on each one to a different number (1-4) on the SR751’s repeater selection dial.

If using more than one RF Repeater You can test to check that one of them repeats the signal from the other by pressing the TEST button. This will help to determine the best position for each RF Repeater. The light on the first RF Repeater will turn on when you press its TEST button and the light on the second RF Repeater will turn on when it re-transmits the signal it receives from the first RF Repeater.

*You can use up to 4 RF Repeaters in the same house. Place at least 50 feet apart.