Switches Get Warm In Normal Operation

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I've noticed that my wall switch module feels quite warm to the touch. Is this normal, and is it safe?


As with any dimmer, it is normal for the wall switch module to get hot. X10 wall switches can get as hot as 50C (122 F). All X10 switches are U.L. Approved and pass all of their fire and safety standards. It is therefore perfectly safe. Note also that the switch gets hotter as you increase the wattage of the lamp(s) you are controlling, and also gets hotter if you have multiple switches in the same wall box. Therefore when using multiple switches, side by side, it is advisable to de-rate the switches, i.e., 500W if using one switch, 400W if two switches are in the same wall box, and 300W for 3 switches in the same wall box.