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usb conflicts
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Revision as of 00:50, 14 June 2011

usb conflicts

hi i have finaly got everything working and then i ran out of hdd space so i ordered an external usb drive to recoard to and it wont see it tryed to plug in a flash drive , wont see that eather, turns out that it wont see anything i try to use that is usb ..exept keyboard/mouse, va12a,and that camera control box thing ( all dumb devices ) anything that uses resorces like flash drv, wireless usb adaptors ect.... nothing

i have a 4 camera kit with 1 ninja p/t, motion,ect... on win xp sp3 2.5 g with 1g ram all was going good till i tried to use the rest of my usb ports

any ideas?

thanks tazz

seo tools

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