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Are there start to finish first time remote user setup and viewing instructions?


Setting Up User Configuration

The first step in using MyHouse to access your ActiveHome Pro system over the Internet is setting up user access. You can give each person with which you want to share access to ActiveHome Pro their own password and access level. Open the User Configuration window from the MyHouse menu to create users and manage access.


ActiveHome Pro System ID

The ActiveHome Pro System ID is used by Remote Users to identify the MyHouse Service to which the ActiveHome Pro System connects. Every remote user will need to know the System ID along with their Login ID and password.

User Access Control

Only users given login identification and password information can access your ActiveHome Pro system remotely. You can set up individual users with different settings, or use one login for groups of people. User access controls work regardless of which ActiveHome Pro data file you use.

Adding Users

When you first load MyHouse, the user list is empty. To add a user, click the Add button. This creates a user called "New User." In the Login ID box, change the name to the one you want to add. Enter a password for this user in the Password box.

Remote Browser

When you use the internet viewing feature of MyHouse Online, you need to install a remote client which is provided through X10's MyHouse service. To connect remotely, go to myhouse.x10.com in the Internet Explorer web browser on a Windows PC.

When you first open up the website you see a blank, black window while the MyHouse Online Remote loads.

Client 1 loading.gif

If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, it may show a notice that a download was blocked.

Client 2 notice.gif

You will need to tell Internet Explorer to allow the MyHouse Online Remote client to load before the remote client software will work.

Client 3 select.gif

  • Click the Information Bar to open the Information Bar Menu.
  • Click "Install ActiveX Control..." to allow the MyHouse Online Remote client to be opened.

You will then be asked if you want to install the 'MyHouse Plugin for Activehome Pro' from 'X10 Wireless Technology Inc.' Select "Install."

Client 4 install.gif

The remote client is a large file; it may take some time to open depending on your internet connection. Allow the MyHouse Plug-in for Activehome Pro to load. Once it has, the ActiveHome Pro screen shows up in your browser window with a login prompt.

Client 5 loaded.gif

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