Three Way Switch Emulation

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I have a light that I would like to control from two different switches, but right now it only has one switch. Can X10 help me without rewiring?


You can use three of our products to accomplish what you're trying to do. These are the WS467 wall switch, the SS13A SlimLine switch, and the TM751 transceiver.

You can install the WS467 in place of your existing switch. This will give you local control, and this switch will also respond to X10 radio frequency signals. Then, place the SS13A wireless SlimLine switch at the other location where you would like to control the light. The SlimLine is basically a very thin remote control, shaped like a wall switch. When you press the buttons, it sends out a radio frequency signal. If your transceiver is plugged into the house wiring (most users place them behind the couch), it will pick up the radio frequency signal and forward it over the house wiring. This signal is then received by the WS467, and turns that switch either on or off. The effect you get is that you have two switches that will control one light on or off, from either location.

For more information on these products, please see