Troubleshooting Audio Quality

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The sound isn't clear on when I use my Lola wireless kit. How do I fix it?

First, adjust the antennas on the Lola video receiver (VR38A) and the Lola transmitter (VT42A) so they point toward each other. The faces of their antennas are marked with four squares. You can also try moving the video receiver itself above the TV or stereo. Sometimes moving it just a foot can make a big difference.

If the sound still does not improve after adjusting the antennas and receiver position, try changing the channels on the transmitter and video receiver. To do this, check the channel switch on the bottom of each unit, making sure they are set to the same letter (A, B, C, or D). Try different letters to see if the sound improves.

You may still have trouble getting a clear signal if there is something in the area using the same radio frequency as the Lola hardware. The following things can interfere with audio transmission: 2.4 gigahertz cordless phones, wireless networks, baby monitors, and microwave ovens. If you have any of these, turn them off to see if the problem goes away. X10 cameras and Video Senders use the following frequencies:

  • Channel A: 2.411 GHz
  • Channel B: 2.434 GHz
  • Channel C: 2.453 GHz
  • Channel D: 2.473 GHz

We recommend using a frequency on a non-X10 device that is farthest from channel A or D, depending on which side of the band the other device is transmitting.

If Lola's picture or video has been was working fine, then suddenly becomes distorted or fuzzy, look for new electronic products in your house that might be causing interference.

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