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How can I get my PR511 Motion Detector to sense motion and turn the lights on ONLY at night?


For the PR511 to turn on lights when motion is sensed only when it is dark, set the DUSK adjustment to the 6 o'clock position. The unit will need to settle before recognizing this new setting. After ten minutes of darkness or dusk, the unit will operate properly.

It is recommended that adjustments are made during the day when it is light. The power to the PR511 should then be turned off for about a minute, and then turned back on. After 10 minutes, it will recognize that it is light, and when it is dark it will start sensing motion and turning lights on.

Note: If you set the dusk setting all the way around to the LIGHT position, the motion detector will sense motion at all times, even during the day. This is useful if you want to use the unit to activate a remote chime (SC546) to act as a remote door bell, i.e., to sound a chime inside the house when the motion detector senses that someone has approached your home.

However, if you set the motion detector to sense motion at all times, it will also turn its connected floodlights on at all times, and also turn on any other lights you have set it to control, at all times. It is not possible to set the unit to activate remote chimes at all times and lights only at night. The unit simply senses motion and transmits digital codes. The modules respond to the codes they are set to (A1 for example). The motion detector does not know whether it is sending a code to a Lamp Module or a Remote Chime, it simply sends A1 ON.

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