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'''How do I uninstall Apps from my AirPad7p?'''
'''How do I uninstall Apps from my AirPad7p ICS?'''

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How do I uninstall Apps from my AirPad7p ICS?


  1. On your Home screen, touch ICS 6 dots.png (top right of the screen).
  2. Touch on the Settings icon. ICS Settings icon.png
  3. Touch Apps
    ICS Apps screen.png
  4. Scroll to and then touch the application you want to uninstall. Here, we demonstrate the uninstallation of Netflix.
  5. Touch Uninstall.
    ICS Uninstall 1.png
  6. On the next screen you see, touch OK.
  7. When you see Uninstall Finished, touch OK.
  8. Touch the Home icon ICS Home icon.png or press the hard key to the right of the screen to exit back to your Home screen.