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==Related Articles==
==Related Articles==
[[Updating Firmware for MJPEG Camera]]
[[Updating Firmware for MJPEG Cameras]]
[[Updating Firmware for SD Camera]]
[[Updating Firmware for SD Camera]]

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How do I update the firmware on my AirSight H.264 P2P Camera?


To get the firmware files, please email support@x10.com.

In that email, let us know your order number, which camera you want firmware for, what problem you are having, what other steps you have taken to resolve this issue, and why you think a firmware update will resolve your problem. Once we receive this email, we will send your firmware out as an attachment(s) to our reply to your email.

  • Save the attachment(s) to your hard drive.

If more than one attachment was sent to you it is critical that you update the FIRMWARE FIRST then update the Web UI

You must keep the camera powered on during the whole update process!

X10 strongly recommends that you do the firmware update over a wired Ethernet connection.

We will not cover return shipping on warranty returns for cameras that are disabled by incorrectly updated firmware.

  • Before doing an upgrade via your IE browser, please make sure the SearchIPCam Tool can find the camera’s IP address.
  • Next, log into the camera via an Internet Explorer web browser - If you are unsure how to do that click here.
  • Click the "Params Settings" icon at the top right hand corner
  • Go into the System Tool menu.
  • Click the top Browse button, for "Upgrade Device Firmware" then navigate to the location where you downloaded the Device Firmware file.
  • Click OK, then click Start.
  • You’ll see the “Upgrade Progress” and then will tell you it’s processing – wait until you get a message that says “Upgrade Succ” and click “Ok”
  • Wait a few moments and you will see "The device is rebooting. Don't shutdown it's power. Please wait... 45"
  • Wait a few minutes for the camera to FULLY reboot.
  • Once the device firmware has been updated, and you were sent a second attachment, go back into Upgrade Device Firmware and update the Web UI.

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