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How do I use Home and Away modes on the VCR Commander?

In "Home Mode," the UX23A VCR Commander II only beeps when motion is detected. No commands are sent to your VCR; therefore, no recording will take place. This is intended to provide an audible indication of movement to the user when no recording is desired.

In "Away Mode," the UX23A VCR Commander II makes no sound, but sends the Record command to your VCR when any one of the programmed Motion Sensor codes is received. The default recording time is five minutes per motion event. This means that every time motion is detected, the five minute cycle is reset. For example:

  • 12:00 P.M. - Motion is detected ("A1 On" is sent).
  • 12:00 P.M. - The UX23A begins a five minute recording event.
  • 12:02 P.M. - Motion is again detected ("A1 On" is sent).
  • 12:02 P.M. - The UX23A resets the five minute recording event.
  • 12:07 P.M. - UX23A sends "Stop" command to VCR. Recording ends.

To toggle between Home and Away Modes, simply push and hold the "Stop" button on the UX23A until one, long beep is heard.

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