Using the Arm Delay Mode

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Questions Why does my system chime for a minute or two before it arms? Answer The system will chime for 60 seconds after pressing the "Arm Away" button to allow you time to leave the house before the system arms. If you would rather arm it instantly, move the "Max/Min" switch on your handheld remote to "Min" and press "Arm Away." This will arm the system immediately, with one chime. Alternately, you can arm the system in one chime using the keychain remote, which always arms it without delay. Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00215.html"]a00215[/a] : Protector Plus (DS7000) Message Dialer Quick Setup[BR] Key Topics: security,console,dialer,phone,number,dial,system,protector,plus,ds700,ps561,message,record Relates to: DS7000,PS561 [img src=""]