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- Control your living room cable box by remote as you watch it in your upstairs bedroom - NEW built-in remote sender feature!

- New and improved range - send video all the way across the house with crystal-clear quality!

- Easier to conceal - new version is about the size of a computer mouse

What's Included

Model Numbers: VK54A,VR30A,VT32A

So maybe you've heard of a Video Sender before. But I know for a fact that you haven't heard of this one. It's the NEW and IMPROVED Video Sender. For one, it's a lot smaller than any previous version - about the size of a computer mouse. That means you can easily conceal it behind your TV or DVD collection. But don't be fooled by it's new compact size - the signal is even stronger now than ever before! If I want to send cable or a DVD from my basement TV to the upstairs bedroom, no problem! The quality is astounding!

Plus, the NEW and IMPROVED Video Sender also has a new feature! With the old sender, I would have to go all the way back downstairs to the source to change channels. That's no longer a problem. The new version has a built-in Remote Sender! That means I can use my cable or DVD remote to the downstairs entertainment center even if I'm upstairs in my bedroom! Amazing!

It even has two remote sender transmitters built in, so if I want to watch a DVD, then watch cable when the movie is over, I can use both my DVD remote and cable remote without getting out of bed.

And it still gets better! When I ordered the NEW and IMPROVED Video Sender today for the same low price as always, $49.99, I also got a 5-in-1 Universal Remote. This is the only remote I need! I can use it to control my DVD player, TV, Cable, Satellite Dish and even X10-enabled lights and appliances!

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