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;Max Load: 500W, incandescent only
;Max Load: 500W, incandescent only
*'''Dimmable by remote only'''
*'''Indoor use only'''
*'''''Dimmable by remote only'''''
*'''''Indoor use only'''''
;Operating Environment:  Indoors
;Operating Temperature Range:  32deg to 104deg F (0deg to 40deg C)
;*Operating Humidity Range:  0-90% Relative Humidity
;Storage Temperature Range:  -4deg to 158deg F (-20deg to 70deg C)

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X10 WS467 and PRO PLW01: Wall Switch


  • PRO Available in White and Ivory

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0.3 lbs.
Power Supply
120VAC @ 60Hz
Max Load
500W, incandescent only

  • Dimmable by remote only
  • Indoor use only

Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range
32deg to 104deg F (0deg to 40deg C)
Operating Humidity Range
  • 0-90% Relative Humidity
Storage Temperature Range
-4deg to 158deg F (-20deg to 70deg C)

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