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=='''XM10A: XCam Addressable Power Supply'''==
=='''XM13A: XCam Addressable Power Supply'''==

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XM13A: XCam Addressable Power Supply

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0.25 lbs.
Power Supply
120VAC @ 60Hz
Input Power
Output Power
12VDC, 80mA max.
1/8" stereo minijack (mini-DIN)
Cable Length
2 meters
Tip 12V (always on, powers camera optics), middle 12V (switched, powers 2.4GHz video sender), base ground.
Additional Data
Provides constant power to camera. No warm-up period. If used with a ZC26A adapter, the XM13A can be used in place of an XM10A.
Compatible Cameras
XC14A, XC17A, XC18A, XC19A, XC21A, and XC22A