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PRO XPT: In-Wall Transmitter Base


Product Pages


  • Fits standard electrical receptacle.
  • Only available in Ivory

How It Works

The XPT3 is "similar" to the PSC01 PowerFlash module in that it senses a dry, normally-open, contact closure and sends an X10 command but has the advantage of being able to send up to 4 different X10 addresses.

The XPT3 has 4 control switch wires (Blue, Brown, Gray, and Yellow) and 2 common control wires (Orange OFF and Red ON).

It transmits X10 commands when triggered by a momentary or continuous contact switch closure.

The way the XPT3 works is you set the code dials to the desired starting address. Then the next 3 will be in sequence.

For example: If you set the XPT3 to B2, the unit will control codes B2, B3, B4, and B5.

If the dials are set to B2, when you connect the Blue wire to the Red wire, B2 ON will be sent. Brown to Red sends B3 ON. Gray to Red sends B4 ON. Yellow to Red sends B5 ON.

When the connections are disconnected, there is no OFF signal sent.

To send OFF signals, connecting the wires Blue to Orange sends B2 OFF, Brown to Orange sends B3 OFF, Gray to Orange sends B4 OFF, and Yellow to Orange sends B5 OFF.