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== '''AirSight PTZ P2P HD Camera, Model : XX50A''' ==
[[Image:PTZ PRO Breakout.gif]]
==Product Pages==
*[[XX50A_Getting_Started|Getting Started]]
*[[Installation_and_Setup_Software_for_H.264|Installation and Setup Software]]
*[[SAW24-120-2000|Power Supply]]
*'''[https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ip-camera-viewer-x10-airsight/id641135955?mt=8 GET THE APP! (currently for iPhone only)]'''
[[Recording and Talk Options |How come I can only record, play, listen or talk in Internet Explorer?]]
[[IP Cameras on Mac |Can I use the AirSight on a Mac?]]
[[IP Camera Wireless Setup for XX39A|How do I connect my camera to my router wirelessly, instead of with the Ethernet cable?]]
[[What do I do if ActiveX is blocked in I.E |How do I allow ActiveX controls in Windows Internet Explorer?]]
[[ActiveX Setup for AirSight SD|I have problems loading the ActiveX component for my AirSight SD. What should I do? ]]
[[AirSight SD Camera Email Setup|How do I set up my AirSight SD to send email? ]]
[[Fixed IP Address for SD Cameras|How do I set my SD IP camera to a fixed IP address?]]
[[IP Camera - Remote Viewing for SD|How can I view my IP camera over the Internet? ]]
[[AirSight SD Motion Recording Setup|How do I set my AirSight SD to record when it senses motion?]]
[[IP Camera Recording Size|How much space will recorded video from the IP camera take up on my hard drive?]]
[[Indicator Settings For Airsight Cameras | Why is the indicator light blinking? Can I change it?]]
[[AirSight Bandwidth|How much bandwidth do my AirSight cameras need? ]]
[[Cruise Settings for SD Camera | How can I set my AirSight SD to automatically scan through a set of positions?]]
[[Using your Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter]]
[[H.264 Airsight FTP Service Settings | How do I setup my Airsight Cameras to use FTP Service?]]
[[Airsight_Multi-Device_Settings | How do I setup my my system to view multiple cameras from the same screen?]]
[[Alarm Input Armed / IO Linkage on Alarm | How do I setup my Airsight Cameras to use Alarm Input Armed / IO Linkage on Alarm?]]
[[Adding A Camera In IPCam Client | How do I add a camera in IPCam Client?]]
[[Pan and Tilt Cruise Controls/Presets for IPCam Client | How do change my Cruise Controls within the IPCam Client software?]]
[[Airsight Active X Controls In IE 10 | How do I setup my ActiveX Controls in IE10?]]
[[Using_RTSP_With_H264_Cameras|How do I use my H.264 camera's RTSP port to stream video to the VLC Media Player?]]
[[Measuring Lens Field of View | How do I measure the actual field of view or "viewing angle" of my camera?]]
[[Default P2P Log-in Password Issues | The default password for my P2P app does not work. What is the actual password?]]
[[Error_Message_From_Login_Attempt | Why do I get an error message when trying to log in from the search tool? How do I make Internet Explorer my default browser?]]
[[SMTP Server Information List | I am trying to configure my IP camera to send me emails upon alarm. What is the SMTP server name and port for my email provider?]]
[[Running IE in Compatibility Mode | Why I can log in to my camera but do not see video in Internet Explorer?]]
[[Ip Camera Viewer for X10 Airsight | How do I use the Airsight cameras with the Airsight app for iPhone?]]
==Related Products==
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*[[XX39A|AirSight SD (XX39A)]]
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[[Category:product Information]]

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