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Quick Start Guide for XX69A: AirSight Indoor WideEye P2P SD HD IP Cameras with One Button Setup

Thank you for choosing AirSight as your IP WIFI Camera!


This guide is designed to help you setup your camera and view wirelessly on your Apple or Android device.

  • Setup is simple and takes only minutes.


  1. Attach the Wi-Fi antenna to the camera. Antenna.JPG
  2. Plug the included power adapter into the camera and into an AC outlet for power. Plugin.png


  • Ensure your Smartphone or Tablet is connected to your local WiFi network XX69AWiFiIcon.jpg

  • Tap the ADD CAMERA button XX69AADDCAMERA.jpg

  • Tap the AUTO button under ONE KEY CONFIG XX69AAUTO.jpg

  • Your WiFi network (SSID) should autofill in box #1

If it doesn't... confirm your phone is connected to your WiFi network and start again.

  • Type your WiFi password in box #2 and tap the NEXT button. XX69AWiFi.jpg

  • Wait a few moments while the app locates and configures your camera


  • The camera will make an audible tone to let you know it's being configured. XX69AConnect.jpg

  • If you'd like to change the default password (000000) of your camera you can do so now by tapping YES - otherwise press NO to continue.

You can change the password at anytime from the ADVANCED SETTINGS menu for the camera XX69AWarn.jpg

  • Tap on your camera in the CAMERA LIST to view your camera XX69ATapCam.jpg XX69AViewCam.jpg

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