Xcam2 Battery Setup

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Questions How do I setup my battery pack with the X10 camera? Answer The XCam2 camera is normally powered from a small plug-in AC power supply. But with the ZB11A battery pack, you can now take your XCam2 anywhere. Use it at parties, barbecues, or anywhere you like. The battery pack accepts 4 AA alkaline batteries to give you 4 hours of fun.

  • Open the lid on the base of the battery pack.
  • Insert four AA alkaline batteries. Observe


  • Pass the jack from the camera through the

hole in the battery pack.

  • Coil the wire neatly inside, avoiding the

screw bases.

  • Screw the camera onto the battery pack,

taking care not to trap any wire.

  • Plug the jack from the battery pack into the


  • Refer to the setup and operating instructions

that came with the camera system for video receiver setup and operation. Related Articles [img src="http://site.x10.com/?Z3gxT2tiYXNlYXJ0aWNsZTEuZGF0=RND%7Ckbasearticle"]