CM11A Unlock Procedure

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My Activehome interface is no longer responding. Why?


Please try this reset procedure.

  1. Unplug the CM11A Computer Interface and remove its batteries.
  2. Plug the Interface back into the outlet, without battery power.
  3. Plug your Transceiver (the module with the silver antenna) into the pass-through outlet of the CM11A.
  4. Push the physical ON/OFF button on the Transceiver a couple times to hear the click of the relay. This will ensure you have power to the Interface.
  5. Using any standard X10 remote control, turn the transceiver On and Off several times. Again, you should hear the unit audibly “clicking”.
  6. Return to the TOOLS | TEST COMMUNICATIONS menu, and select TEST to verify successful communication to the CM11A has been restored.

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