Camera Switching With Vanguard ICC

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Why can't I switch cameras from Pan Tilt Pro?


First, try to switch or move the cameras onscreen with the CR15A remote control. If you cannot, please refer to Troubleshooting Camera Switching or Alternate Camera Switching Configuration. Once you can switch cameras with the CR15A remote control, see if the onscreen controls work. If they do not, please check the following:

  • Is your CM19A attached to the computer?
  • Does its LED blink briefly when you click on a camera motion button?
  • In Options-Cameras, is the correct camera selected, and is it at the correct House and Unit code?
  • What objects lie in a straight-line path between the CM19A and the camera?
  • If you hold the CR15A remote right next to the CM19A, can it still control the camera?