Replace The Battery In Water Level Detector

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How do I replace the battery in the water level detector?


  • If the batteries get low the Water Level Detector beeps about once a minute.
  • Providing the batteries have not completely failed they can be replaced with two AAA alkaline batteries without the need to reinstall the Water Level Detector into the Security Console (if you’re using one).
  • After removing the old batteries fresh batteries must be fitted within 30 seconds to ensure that the security code is retained.

Once the batteries have been replaced, the Water Level Detector should be tested as follows:

  • Dip the sensor pad into a cup of water. The Water Level Detector sounds its beeper and will stop about 15 seconds after you remove the sensor pad from the water.
  • If you are using a Security Console, its siren will also sound (the Console does NOT need to be armed for the Water Level Detector to trip it). Stop the siren with your keyfob remote.
  • If the batteries had failed, the security code will have been lost. You will need to reinstall the Water Level Detector following the directions in the instruction sheet.

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