Smart RF Repeater Operating Instructions

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How do I setup my Smart RF Repeater?


The RF Smart Repeater is designed to increase the range of X10 wireless remote controls, motion sensors, and security products that operate at 310 MHz. It does this by boosting and re-transmitting RF signals it receives from those products. Install the RF Smart Repeater centrally between the product that is transmitting and the device that is receiving the repeated commands. In some instances you might need to experiment with the location so that the receiving unit does not see both commands, although in most cases this is not a problem.

Installing the Repeater

  • Find a suitable location, at least 3 feet above the ground and centrally located between the sending and receiving units.
  • Plug the Smart Repeater into an outlet and extend its antenna.
  • Set the code wheel to any letter between A and D. If you are using more than one repeater, set each one to the next house code after the one before it.
  • Install these products at least 50 feet apart from one another.

Note: ABCD is the same as EFGH, or IJKL or MNOP.

Testing the Smart Repeater

  • Set the house code on an X10 Transceiver to M (its Unit Code is always 1).
  • Press the TEST button on the Smart Repeater. The Transceiver clicks on and off for each successive press.