Uninstalling AirPadX Apps

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How do I uninstall Apps on my AirPadX?


  1. On your Home screen, touch the Settings icon. X Settings icon.png
  2. Scroll to and touch Applications. (If you don’t see it, you might need to touch the Back icon X Back icon.png to get to the correct screen).
    X Manage Applications.png
  3. Touch Manage applications.
  4. Scroll to and then touch the application you want to uninstall. Here, we demonstrate the uninstallation of a music player.
  5. Touch Uninstall.
    X Uninstall.png
  6. Touch OK.
    X Uninstall2.png
  7. When you see Uninstall Finished, touch OK.
  8. Touch the Home icon X Home icon.png to exit back to your Home screen.