Use A Video Sender And An Appliance Module

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How do I add a wired camera not made by X10 to my iWatchOut wireless camera system?


If you want to add other companies' cameras to your X10 setup, it is best to reserve one whole House Code for their use. Do not install ANY other X10 devices on that House Code. Examples in this article will assume that House Code E has been chosen.

To add a non-X10 camera, you will need a Video Sender and an Appliance Module. Set the Video Sender to the same A-D transmission channel as your other cameras. Set the Appliance Module to House Code E and Unit Code 1, 5, 9, or 13. Do not pick any other unit code. Connect the camera to the Sender and plug the Sender`s power supply into the Appliance Module. Tell ActiveHome Pro that you have an XCam2 at the House and Unit code you selected for the Appliance Module.