3-Channel Wireless Intercom System

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Model: WHI-3C

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Why aren't my intercoms communicating with each other even though they are plugged into different outlets in the same house?


Westinghouse intercoms are "line carriers" meaning they send an FM signal through the household electrical wiring. Most house electrical panels distribute two "legs" or "phases" of the 120 volt AC power throughout the house. In order for the intercom units to communicate, they must be plugged into AC outlets wired to the same "leg" or "phase" of electricity. IF YOUR INTERCOMS ARE NOT COMMUNICATING, TRY PLUGGING THE INTERCOMS INTO A DIFFERENT AC OUTLETS. Typically, different AC outlets in the same room will be on separate circuits and can be on either "leg" of the AC power.

Warranty & Return

This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. There is a 1 year replacement warranty through X10.com