ATI Remote Crash

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I do not have any X10 software installed, but I am getting an X10NET error. How do I get your software off my computer?

I have an ATI remote, and I am getting an X10NET error. How do I fix this?


  • Close down any X10 software that is currently running.
  • Stop the ATI RW software, and end the X10 service - Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.
  • The file X10nets may be running as a process on some computers.
  • If it is not listed under Services, open Task Manager, and click on the Processes tab.
  • Find the X10nets process and end it.
  • Copy x10net.dll from the c:\program files\x10\common\ folder to c:\program files\ati multimedia\remctrl\ (you may need to double-check the ATI directory name).
  • Reboot the computer.