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Version 3.318 Updated 10/3/2011

  • AHP: Supports the VA13A.

Version 3.316 Updated 07/1/2011

  • AHP: Fix for multiple delay processing in macros sent to the CM11
  • AHP: Fix for black frame flicker for some single video adaptor systems

Version 3.315 Updated 06/9/2011

  • AHP: Fixed crash when parsing CM11 EEPROM data and using advanced timer features
  • AHP: Fixed crash in Intro Wizard
  • Smart Macros: Fix for time based conditions on macros run from PC
  • AHP: Added dual video capture device support

Version 3.314 Updated 05/23/2011

  • AHP: Added support for CM11
  • MyHouse Online: Verify Registration fix

Version 3.313 Updated 04/25/2011

  • AHP: Fix for Xid generation.

Version 3.312 Updated 04/25/2011

  • AHP: Fix for email invite dialog crashing AHP in some plugin configurations.
  • AHP: Added mobile application reflector server connection indicator to email invite dialog.
  • AHP: Updated reflector server connection code to more reliably connect AHP to the reflector.

Version 3.311 Updated 04/14/2011

  • AHP: Reflector logging and fixes.
  • AHP: UX17A configuration dialog updates.
  • AHP: Updated to use 2010 Visual C Runtime Libraries.

Version 3.310 Updated 03/25/2011

  • AHP: Human readable EEPROM output (ahpeeprom_w.txt) is once again generated correctly.
  • AHP: New dynamic Installer framework.
  • AHP: Fix for 500 errors when accessing mobile apps resulting from unstable network connectivity.
  • AHP: Registration dialog is more clear about which registration code to use when registering ActivePhone.
  • AHP: Module History button in Room View now properly parses history data.
  • AHP: Bright level is more correctly preserved between sessions of ActiveHome Pro.
  • AHP: Fix for bright/dim commands not always sending properly when using a CM19.
  • MyHouse Online: Fixes for various MyHouse Online crashes when run in Internet Explorer Protected Mode.
  • MyHouse Online: MyHouse Online connection history is now stamped with local time.

Version 3.306 Updated 2/14/2011

  • Added support for new security modules and hardware.
  • Updated Command processing.

Version 3.305 Updated 01/20/2011

  • Fixed possible day/month inversion for custom Holidays in non-US region computers.

Version 3.304 Updated 01/14/2011

  • Added an Arguments field to the "Run Windows Program" macro step.

Version 3.303 Updated 01/12/2011

  • Fixed minor tweak when adding depreciated lamp modules.
  • Bug fix for crash on exit.
  • Bug fix; edit module dialog was not properly saving new module category.

Version 3.302 Updated 01/10/2011

  • Bugfix. CM15A transmitted some bright/dim commands on both powerline and RF.
  • Updated several lamp modules to use Softstart.
  • Depreciated modules moved to the "Older Lamp" category so users with older modules can continue to use them.
  • ActiveHome Pro core file update.

Version 3.301 Updated 12/20/2010

  • Updated to support updated SDK (Software development kit).

Version 3.296 Updated 11/3/2010

  • Bug fix: Secure Commands not being shown in Activity Monitor
  • Filter out unknown command caused by transceiver initialization
  • Altered behavior of missing transceiver pop-up for simple video bundle
  • Fix for possible crash when opening Activity Monitor with empty history

Version 3.295 Updated 11/2/2010

  • Fix for macro e-mail notification not sending
  • Fix for camera cycle not working
  • Fix for 00TV and unknown commands in activity log
  • Installers now update all AHP source files on install
  • Updated Visual C runtime libraries

Version 3.294 Updated 10/30/2010

  • AHP now correctly releases its connection to x10net service on error; no need to restart x10net service.

Version 3.293 Updated 10/22/2010

  • Misc bug fixes and syncing update.

Version 3.292 Updated 10/21/2010

  • Updated to fully support iWatchMobile, iWatchMobilePro, OnAlertMobile, and ActivePhone.

Version 3.285 Updated 10/1/2010

  • X10NET.dll updated.
  • Updated to fully support iWatchMobile and ActivePhone.

Version 3.271 Updated 5/26/2010

  • Added support for UX17A module for controlling IR devices.

Version 3.269 Updated 5/11/2010

  • Added support for the CM19A as a light RF transceiver.

Version 3.264 Updated 3/23/2010

  • Fixed video recording creating dead files and occasionally failing to record.
  • Fix for hardware configuration dialog not properly accepting southern latitudes.
  • Added Windows 7 drivers and support.

Version 3.236 Released 9/5/2008

  • Fixed stability issues.

Version 3.228 Released 5/9/2008

  • Minor update.

Version 3.204 Released 7/10/2006

  • Added support for new Sentinel dome camera.
  • Added Vanguard-style draw/zoom (with Vanguard and Sentinel cameras).
  • Fixed room and house "All Lights On" commands so they don't sends On commands to all modules.
  • Fixed crash occurring after opening a module note and then switching rooms.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect status display for modules on monitored house code.
  • Fixed video recording problem where system performance couldn't match specified frame rate.
  • Timestamp on pictures saved during Standard Time not changed when viewed during Daylight Savings.
  • Fixed video timestamp to display local time, not GMT.
  • Made deleting a module with an associated timer set the "Need Download" icon correctly.

Version 3.203 Released 3/24/2006

  • Changed "Troubleshooting" link in Help menu to point to new forum.
  • Fixed problem with events running from interface not being recorded in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed problem with Advanced Command address sequences not running correctly.
  • Fixed readability of text in some macro command displays.
  • Fixed Smart Macros Preferences: advanced, etc. and other options not being saved after program exit.
  • Improved RF transmission performance, especially for camera controls.
  • iWitness: Fixed problem with saved video being cut off or too short.
  • MyHouse: Added code to detect server load and performance and select appropriate server.
  • MyHouse: Changed parts of frame tranmission to improve performance and reliability.
  • MyHouse: Improved reliability of video transmission.
  • MyHouse: No longer uses port 8001 for communication.
  • MyHouse: Fixed overlap of Upload/Download bars and time display in status bar.
  • MyHouse: Added preference for send e-mail method in MyHouse.

Version 3.202 Released 3/20/2006

  • Test release.

Version 3.201 Released 2/8/2006

  • Fixed lock-up opening Find Other Computers.
  • Fixed lock-up using Lifestyle mode.
  • Fixed problem with some preferences not saving after exiting ActiveHome.

Version 3.200 Released 2/1/2006

  • Added a Macro Library feature to support wizard configuration of pre-built macro/module sets.
  • MyHouse: Added macro commands for starting/stopping a dial-up connection to ISP.
  • MyHouse: Fixed the automatic dial-up connection timer not working to close connection to the ISP.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of chime modules in the Macro Designer.
  • Fixed incorrect text sequence in the Intro Wizard.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Activity Monitor to not display events correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with the prefernce for changing the number of events displayed in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed screen drawing issue with potential to cause application instability.
  • Changed Video Window display with MyHouse installed to not show video quality sliders if not connected to MyHouse service.

Version 3.199 Released 12/15/2005

  • Fixed a bug that could cause update lists to not display and possibly crash AHP.
  • MyHouse: Fixed problem with camera switching states not being updated correctly on Remote Client.
  • MyHouse: Fixed problem with certain window state interactions causing a crash on the Remote Client.
  • MyHouse: Fixed missing error message for connections blocked due to time of day restriction.
  • iWitness: Fixed a problem with recorded video being truncated.
  • iWitness: Added overlay of camera names into video window using View menu in video window, or Preferences.

Version 3.198 Released 12/7/2005

  • Fixed a problem that caused some imported original ActiveHome files to have all times converted to AM
  • Fixed a problem with Merge and timers for macros, potentially crashing AHP
  • Fixed Hardware config displaying in 24-hour time, even if unchecked in Preferences
  • Corrected "Address Only" advanced command so that it is PC-only, and now works as it should
  • Added preference to send ON instead of Bright 100% command for lamp modules in Macros (Macro Options Tab)
  • Added a "Troubleshooting" entry to the Help menu with links to help resources on the X10 web site
  • iWitness: Revised messaging & help when ActiveHome Pro cannot get video source.
  • iWitness: Added 4x4 camera grid view.
  • MyHouse Online: Added alternate e-mail method for cases when primary method is rejected.
  • MyHouse Online: Revised Status window messaging to remove NtaSysConnClosed message and add meaningful information.
  • MyHouse Online: Added caution message for remote users.
  • MyHouse Online: Fixed a problem that could prevent Start & Stop of camera scanning from working

Version 3.197

  • MyHouse Online initial launch release.

Version 3.196

  • MyHouse Online beta version.

Version 3.195

  • MyHouse Online beta version.

Version 3.194

  • MyHouse Online beta version.

Version 3.193

  • MyHouse Online beta version.

Version 3.192

  • MyHouse Online beta version.

Version 3.191

  • Internal test version.

Version 3.190

  • Internal test version.

Version 3.189

  • Internal test version.

Version 3.188

  • Internal test version.

Version 3.187 Released 6/9/2005

  • Fixed a crash using Merge file on files with deleted items.
  • Added complete Intro Wizard.
  • Added Clear History to Tools menu
  • Added ability to start a program or web page from a macro (run from PC-only)
  • Added ability to send arbitrary extended code commands from a macro
  • Added ability to send arbitrary standard commands from a macro
  • Added ability to send arbitrary address commands from a macro
  • Fixed some problems with event recording in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed some incorrect tool-tip and dialog text
  • Keyboard short-cuts work again
  • iWitness: Fixed crash changing video framerate on some systems
  • iWitness: Clicking video multiplies video thumbnails
  • iWitness: Added video loss detection/restart
  • iWitness: Added way to delete files from viewer
  • iWitness: Added Save As and copy to viewer
  • iWitness: Fixed problem with delays in camera/video macros

Version 3.186 Released 4/19/2005

  • Macros run from PC now correctly set and clear flags.
  • You can now click to get rid of splash screen before 6 seconds are up.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when opening the Timer Designer pane.
  • Fixed problem that could cause some RF remote commands to not show up in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed Status Report not showing correct flag status in some circumstances.
  • Fixed problem with some commands run from interface (timers and macros) not appearing in Activity Monitor.
  • {iWitness} Changing video record parameters now takes effect when changed.
  • {iWitness} Changing video plug-in preferences now correctly sets "Need Save" flag.
  • {iWitness} Fixed a problem that caused video stream to stop after saving repeated snapshots over time.
  • {iWitness} Fixed a problem that caused video stream to stop using snapshots on Win98.
  • {iWitness} Fixed Help link in iWitness About box.
  • {iWitness} Fixed problem with changing image directories.
  • {iWitness} Added some camera models that were not listed before.

Version 3.185

  • iWitness-only release.

Version 3.184

  • iWitness-only release.

Version 3.183 Released 3/23/2005

  • New USB Interface driver for Windows 2000 and XP users fixes some circumstances where the AHP USB Interface is not detected, or where communication doesn't work.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect/phantom commands show up in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed problem with RF commands not showing up correctly in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed RF-only modules (TM751, UX21A, etc.) not encoded using RF commands for timers and macros stored in the interface.
  • Fixed a problem with timers for off-triggered conditional macros not working.
  • Updated SDK components to work with current versions.
  • Added order links to X10 Pro modules so they can be purchased from within AHP.
  • Added retail versions of modules to module lists.

Version 3.182

  • Internal test release.

Version 3.181

  • Test release for Video Plug-in beta.

Version 3.180 Released 2/16/2005

  • Added progress bar for downloading to and clearing the interface.
  • Added X10 PRO modules for use in the program.
  • Added security system consoles as new module types (treated as a transceiver for Transceived House Codes automatic setting).
  • Added Thermostat Setback Controller.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause AHP to crash after running once and exiting.
  • Fixed a problem that caused timers run from the PC not to work.
  • Fixed problem with saving changes to dusk/dawn resolution.
  • Fixed problem that caused manually entered Lat/Long to be changed after being entered.
  • Fixed problem that could cause some timers to not be downloaded to interface after being changed.
  • Fixed problem that could cause incorrect dusk/dawn table to be used and stored in interface.
  • Fixed problem with Hardware Configuration settings sometimes being reset when running AHP without the CM15A connected.
  • Fixed plug-in promotion features.
  • Commands to TM751 modules now correctly transmitted as RF.
  • The tool tip description for timers listed in the Group Pane is now updated when the timer is changed.
  • Updated distributed SDK files to correct problems with sending RF.

Version 3.179 Released 2/4/2005

  • Fixed a problem that caused conditional timers not to run.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused events not part of a macro to occur when the macro ran.
  • Fixed a problem with saving Hardware Configuration settings on Windows 98/ME computers.
  • Fixed a problem with loading latitude/longitude data when AHP started. Please check and save Hardware Configuration information.
  • Fixed a problem with the encoding of some "Between" times conditions for Smart Macros.
  • Fixed a problem with the encoding of flag commands on some Smart Macros.
  • Fixed "Edit Module" not applying changes to House and Unit Code, and room location.

Version 3.178 Released 1/31/2005

  • Fixed a problem that prevented AHP from running on Win98/ME systems.
  • Fixed problem with displaying update items in the update notice window on Win98/ME.
  • Fixed a problem that caused previously selected geographic location to be lost. You will need to select your city again, if you haven't already.
  • Corrected use of wrong default data for Dusk/Dawn with no city selected.
  • Fixed problem with Preferences selections not saving correctly.
  • Fixed Hardware Configuration not saving manual selection of transceived House Codes.
  • Fixed Macro Designer not refreshing selector correctly when using Set/Clear Flags.
  • Removed seconds display of interface time from Hardware Configuration.

Version 3.177 Released 1/28/2005

  • Added ability to print PalmPad labels, using the "Print Labels" option on the File menu.
  • Added ability to copy a command in the Macro Designer, by right clicking and choosing "Duplicate Step."
  • Added "Delete All Timers" option to context menu when right clicking on the Timers header in the Group Pane.
  • Made entering times into delays in Macro Designer easier. No longer have to enter all the colons.
  • Fixed several typos/spelling mistakes in various places.
  • Consolidated general and plug-in registration into one, more friendly dialog.
  • Added access to registration dialog from Help menu.
  • Fixed wrong registration dialog being shown for initial registration (introduced in 3.175).
  • Improved Preferences to support multiple plug-in product options.
  • Added auto-select of transceived house codes to reduce RF processing and potential unnecessary powerline activity.
  • Connecting/disconnecting the CM15A from USB no longer triggers "Need to Save" icon.
  • Added "Auto-Scroll" toggling to Activity Monitor View options.
  • Improved reliability of downloading data to the interface.
  • Clear interface memory now clears all of the interface, not just initial area. (Takes more time now, too.)

Version 3.176

  • Test release only.

Version 3.175 Released 12/21/2004

  • Fixed crash on startup introduced with version 3.174.
  • Fixed use of the wrong poll command and status update for the RR501.

Version 3.174 Released 12/15/2004

  • Added item to Preferences to allow to minimize to task bar or only to system tray.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (F3) to open interface status report.
  • Fixed use of the wrong poll command and status update for the RR501.
  • Fixed a crash attempting to open Activity Monitor when it's already minimized.
  • Fixed a crash dragging an item in the Macro Summary.
  • AHP now cancels delayed macro events after downloading new data so that references to old data aren't made.
  • AHP now automatically downloads the last saved file data to the interface in all cases of an EEPROM error report.
  • Improved handling of EEPROM read when ActiveHome Pro starts up.

Version 3.173 Released 12/7/2004

  • Fixed a crash using the Macro Summary under Windows 98.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 3.172 that caused delays in macros stored in the interface to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where consecutive flag commands after the first (using Smart Macros Plug-in) weren't encoded when stored in the interface.
  • Fixed a crash in Hardware Configuration caused by entering Latitude and Longitude minutes values greater than 60.
  • Fixed a problem where the on screen status of modules on start-up was displayed as off but 48% brightness if the interface wasn't connected.
  • Fixed import of original ActiveHome files using wrong dim values in macros in some cases.
  • Fixed import of original ActiveHome files using wrong off times in timers in some cases.

Version 3.172 Released 12/3/2004

  • Fixed a problem (created in v3.170) with encoding some timers, resulting in them not always working.
  • The CTRL + A keyboard shortcut for opening All Rooms view now works from the Macro Designer too.
  • Fixed a problem where importing an original ActiveHome file with motion sensors showed them as blank modules.
  • Fixed a window redraw problem that could results in AHP crashing in some situations.
  • Fixed incorrect display in Activity Monitor of some macros run from interface memory.

Version 3.171 Released 12/2/2004

  • Added ability to use RF commands in macros, available under "RF Commands" in the Macro Designer room list.
  • Fixed a crash caused by dragging and dropping the last macro in a room to the space to its right.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when clicking on All Lights On or All Units Off in the Tools menu with the Macro Designer open.
  • Fixed a crash dragging macro steps to the trash.
  • Fixed a problem encoding the logic of some "Between" time and date macro conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some events run from interface memory not to be shown in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed a bug that that caused some events run from the interface to be displayed incorrectly in Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed a bug clearing Activity Monitor.
  • Typing a date into a date range condition now saves without having to hit enter before closing.
  • Added the preference to not show a warning when exiting without downloading changes.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to open all rooms view: CTRL + A.
  • Added display of RF commands to Activity Monitor.
  • Added filter to select what types of activity to display in Activity Monitor (from the View menu).
  • Title bar now has different display states when in and out of focus.

Version 3.170 Released 11/29/2004

  • Added "Merge" to file menu, allowing merging contents of another file into the current file.
  • Timers for conditional macros now check conditions when executing.
  • Improved Activity Monitor so that it consistently displays commands as they are sent and received.
  • Added area to keep notes on modules.
  • Added individual history display to modules.
  • Added preferences to hide/show display of icons for the notes and module history.
  • Changed Activity Monitor to display items run from interface memory as "Transmit" not "Receive."
  • Fixed a couple typos in Preferences.
  • Fixed a problem encoding logic for certain time range macro condition combinations.
  • Fixed a conflict that resulted in ATI Remote Wonder software crashing.
  • Fixed flag data display in interface Status report so that they match flag usage in conditional macros.
  • Changed display of colors in module title bars to be more consistent.
  • Added an option to display module title bar colors according to room color or by module type.
  • Drag and drop of module location changed to not work in All Rooms view, preventing some room identification problems.
  • Removed text referring to Dusk/Dawn offsets from the Smart Macros Conditional Wizard.
  • Changed group pane so that dragging a timer or macro from the pane to a room no longer is allowed (preventing a crash).
  • Fixed a problem in the Condition Wizard that caused "Between" ending times not to be saved correctly.
  • Fixed Flag setting check boxes in Smart Macros not always saving correctly.

Version 3.169

  • Added ability to drag and drop modules to change the order in rooms.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused a crash clicking into the empty area after clearing the Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed a problem in the Smart Macro Wizard that caused a crash when using some time ranges.
  • Fixed a problem where some groupings of macro commands weren't stored correctly.
  • Clear Interface Memory command now works again.
  • Module status should now display correctly when ActiveHome Pro starts.
  • Fixed time in status bar displaying AM instead of PM in the noon hour.
  • 12-hour time display doesn't start AM times with a leading zero anymore.
  • You can now drag modules in the room view using their title bars.
  • Grab hand icon now used more consistently to indicate items that can be dragged/moved.

Version 3.168

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the update installer from running automatically on some systems.
  • Using features that open a Web browser should now respect the default browser correctly.

Version 3.167

  • Added support for Dusk/Dawn-based conditions in the Smart Macro plug-in.
  • Fixed "Show Featured Plug-in" in Preferences so that it is saved correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with plug-in promo reminder not working correctly every time.

Version 3.166

  • New method for starting ActiveHome Pro.
  • Fixed check box in Clear Interface Memory notice dialog.
  • Fixed "Edit Module" dialog incorrectly displaying an error creating module with same name as another.
  • Preferences for 24 time applied correctly throughout ActiveHome Pro.
  • Preference for tool-tips now applied correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that made the Timer Designer pane not clickable after changing the date with the calendar control.
  • Fixed several instances where changes in the Macro Designer weren't refreshed completely on screen.
  • You can now delete steps in a macro by dragging to the AHP trash can (removed the "Delete Step" button). Use drag and drop or right click to delete a step.

Version 3.165

  • Corrected some display configuration settings that made AHP really slow for some users, or caused AHP not to run for other users.
  • Fixed a problem using Dusk/Dawn timers with positive ("After") offsets in certain circumstances.
  • Added the WS13A Appliance/Fluorescent Wall Switch Module to the Lamp and Appliance lists.
  • Added an interface status to the Reports menu, which reports the current state of the CM15A interface.
  • The splash screen now displays ActiveHome Pro and CM15A firmware version information.
  • All Rooms view selection now saved when exiting the program.
  • Reports and order buttons now create a new instance of Internet Explorer, instead of re-using an existing window.
  • Fixed the Macro Designer room list drop-down not working if the Group Pane wasn't open.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Monitored House Code to be reset after doing an update.
  • Fixed a problem with changing the trigger address in the Macro Desinger not saving after clicking into the name field.
  • Fixed a problem with changes to a macro name not being saved in Macro Designer if the user hit tab to go to the next entry.

Version 3.164

  • You can now click on the download indicator icon to start a download to the interface.
  • You can now click on the save indicator icon to save changes.
  • Fixed some incorrect dusk/dawn data usage related to daylight savings time.

Version 3.163

  • Fixed a problem where minimizing and then restoring ActiveHome Pro didn't refresh the window completely.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the address of a Macro.
  • Deleting a room now removes all the associated timer and macro data from the Group Pane.
  • Fixed the "Run Macro" button so that it no longer only runs macros once.
  • Fixed some problems with running macros from within the software using the wrong data.
  • You can now click anywhere in the ActiveHome Pro window to bring it to the foreground.
  • Fixed a problem with adding and deleting multiple macros with causing bad data in the .AHX file.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting some timers creating bad data in the .AHX file.

Version 3.162

  • Fixed a crash that some users experienced when trying to start ActiveHome Pro with particular data files.
  • Fixed a crash opening Activity Monitor under certain conditions in the history files.
  • Fixed a problem where opening Activity Monitor could cause AHP to lock up.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur closing Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed a crash clicking out of a Macro delay entry into a selection in the Group Pane.
  • Fixed Dim command controls in the Macro Designer.
  • Activity Monitor's File | Save As now works correctly under Win98/ME.
  • Dusk/Dawn table information is now updated and stored in the interface with every download.
  • Timers for chime commands no longer contain an un-editable Off time.
  • ActiveHome Pro now automatically updates the interface time if the system time is changed.

Version 3.161

  • Fixed crash occurring when changing a macro trigger command from On to Off and vice versa.
  • Fixed problem with "All Modules" commands in macros always resulting in House Code A and P commands only.
  • Typing the time into a macro delay now saves correctly.
  • Fixed import of original ActiveHome files creating macros with delays in seconds instead of minutes.

Version 3.160

  • Fixed a problem loading macro data after saving from version 3.159.
  • Fixed a crash changing a Chime Module to a module of another type.
  • Corrected Chime Module sending Off command when clicked on to activate
  • Changed "Chanuka" to "Chanukah" in holiday list.
  • Fixed problem where enabling/disabling a timer from the Timer Summary sometimes changed other timers' status.
  • Fixed a crash deleting the last/only room.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting a room leaving timer data behind.
  • Fixed importing old ActiveHome file macros delays as seconds instead of minutes
  • Fixed importing old ActiveHome files containing timers/macros with extended codes.
  • Adding an "All Modules" command to a macro no longer is listed twice in the text summary.
  • Fixed a inconsistencies switching between brights/dims/absolutes in a macro command.

Version 3.159

  • You can now have multiple modules with the same address! Added "Multiple modules can use same address" option to Preferences.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented some Windows 98/ME users from registering and getting software updates.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to add a new module with the same address as a module in the trash can.
  • Fixed incorrect warning when trying to set the address of a module to the same address as a motion sensor.
  • Fixed Timer List in the Group Pane displaying Saturday-only and Sunday-only timers with wrong day label.
  • Fixed incorrect icon for timers being used in the Group Pane timer list.
  • Fixed incorrect icon being displayed in Macro Designer when animation stopped.
  • Fixed problem with disabling timers in Timer Designer not refreshing correctly, making it hard to tell if disabled.
  • Fixed problem with "Tomorrow" setting in Timer Designer showing the incorrect day of week.
  • Fixed problem with dim level changing after selecting Dusk or Dawn in Timer Designer.
  • Fixed a crash in Macro Designer when deleting the only step in a macro and then dragging a new command in.
  • Fixed a crash trying to edit a Macro containing modules that were permanently deleted.
  • Fixed a problem with changing a module to Socket Rocket from other lamp module type not correctly updating macros containing that module.
  • Timer List in the Group Pane now displays Off-only timers correctly
  • Timer List in the Group Pane now displays Macro names instead of trigger addresses.
  • Animation preference now takes effect immediately upon updating, and disables all animation if not selected.
  • Last File hidden setting now updated when saving, not when exiting the program.

Version 3.158

  • Fixed a problem that caused some users to get a crash when trying to register or check for updates.
  • Fixed Timer Designer displaying wrong times when using Dusk/Dawn timers with offsets.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash when closing and re-opening Find Other Computers.
  • Fixed Timer Designer sometimes not saving the "Store in Interface" setting in the Simple View.
  • Reports now display the correct on/off times and dusk/dawn offsets for all timers.
  • Fixed a problem where you sometimes could not open Activity Monitor after closing it previously.
  • 24-hour times are now displayed with a leading zero, if the time is before noon.

Version 3.157

  • Fixed a problem where changing between Simple/Advanced views in Timer Designer caused incorrect Dusk/Dawn values to be displayed.
  • Fixed the upper limit for Dawn offsets when using the spinner buttons
  • Corrected the date ranges stored in the inteface for timers with starting dates later in the year than ending dates.

Version 3.156

  • Clear Window from the File menu in Activity Monitor now clears old history information, not just the current display.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some systems to freeze up when accessing menu items or items in the module pane.
  • Fixed a problem where Dusk/Dawn "Before" offsets were incorrectly processed by the software.
  • Fixed a problem where appliance module timers were sending Bright 100% commands, instead of On.
  • Fixed a problem where changes to timers may not have been passed down to the hardware interface.
  • Changed the maximum offset for Dusk/Dawn timers to 60 minutes to correctly match the CM15A hardware capability.
  • Changed the way the ActiveHome Pro logo button is positioned in the title bar so it doesn't cover the Help menu at smaller window sizes.
  • Made the Simple/Advanced button in Timer Designer stay visible at smaller window sizes.

Version 3.155

  • Fixed a problem that caused some systems to freeze under certain conditions
  • Fixed a problem with getting the correct Daylight Savings dates from Windows versions.

Version 3.154

  • Fixed a graphic display problem with some dialogs.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying drop down menu items, which made many options hard to use.
  • Fixed a problem with menus not working in Activity Monitor

Version 3.153

  • Added "Simple" view for Timer Designer. Should be easier to work with basic timer settings.
  • Added new commands for room by room control: all lights on/off, all appliances on/off, all units on/off
  • Simplified clock settings in Hardware Configuration dialog
  • Improved some USB communications performance
  • Changed Timer Designer so that Dusk/Dawn timers don't have an offset by default.
  • Changed general configuration so that X10 AHP service doesn't take up serial ports when USB Interface not connected.
  • Fixed a problem where "After" Dusk and Dawn offsets became "Before" when looking at other timers.
  • Fixed a problem in Macro Designer where "All Lights" commands for a different House Code changed to House Code A after saving.

Version 3.152

Internal release.

Version 3.151

  • Fixed a problem importing files from original ActiveHome.
  • Fixed a problem that caused macro timers to show Off times.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented changing a module name in All Rooms view.
  • Fixed a problem where adding a chime module to a macro showed on Off command.
  • Fixed a problem displaying items in update notice.
  • Changed Timer Designer for Macros so that invalid options are unavailable.
  • Removed unused items from Preferences
  • Removed unused items from Help menu

Version 3.142

  • Initial release.