AirPadX Reset Procedure

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How do I reset my AirPadX back to its factory setting?


If you play around and install a bunch of Apps to get familiar with your AirPadX you might want to know how to put your AirPadX back to its factory condition. Follow these instructions to do this:

  1. On your Home screen, touch on the Settings icon. X Settings icon.png
  2. Touch Privacy. (If you don’t see it, you might need to touch the Back icon X Back icon.png to get to the correct screen).
    X Privacy.png
  3. Touch Reset device (at the bottom of the screen).
  4. Touch Factory data reset.

X Factory Reset.png

  1. If you really want to reset your AirPadX, touch Erase everything. Be careful since this is not reversible.
  2. Wait a few minutes while your AirPadX restarts.