AirSight Comparison Chart

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Cam Model XX34A/XX41A XX36A/XX42A XX39A XX40A
Audio Capabilities Built in mic and speaker No audio Built in mic and speaker Audio ready – requires external mic and speaker
Viewing Angle 60° 6mm lens / 90° 3.6mm lens 60° 6mm lens / 90° 3.6mm lens 60° 6mm lens or 90° 3.6mm lens 30.7° - 69°, depending on zoom level- 3x zoom
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zoom No No No Yes, 3x
Remote Viewing Yes Yes Yes Yes
SD Card Storage No No Yes No
Video Format MJPEG MJPEG H.264 MJPEG
Motion Activated Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Resolution 640x480 640x480 640x480 640x480
Pan/Tilt Pan 270°, Tilt 120° Stationary camera Pan 270°, Tilt 120° Pan 355°, Tilt 90°
Weather Resistant No Yes No Yes