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Camera Accessories Model: Product Related Pages [img border="0" src="part_hr12a.gif" width="180" height="180" alt="X10"][br> [p align="left"][u][span class="question"][a href=""] Purchase [/span] [p align="left"][u][span class="question"][a href=""] Forums [/span][/td] Questions [a href="/kbase/articles/a00091.html"] ScanPad Remote Control Setup [a href="/kbase/articles/a00025.html"] When I use the battery pack with one of my wireless XCams, the camera no longer responds to remote control commands. [a href="/kbase/articles/a00025.html"] Why can't I switch cameras when using the battery pack? [a href="/kbase/articles/a00027.html"] As the Ninja base rotates my camera, the image quality changes. Why is this? How can I fix it? [a href="/kbase/articles/a00027.html"] When I pan my Ninja camera, I lose the picture. What do I do? Related Products [a href="/kbase/products/p00023.html"]Wireless Cameras --#include virtual="/ssi/mains/footer_support.html"-->