Change The Sensor Timeout

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My VCR Commander starts recording, but in a minute or so the camera turns off and the VCR records nothing. What causes this?


X10's motion sensors are quite flexible devices. They were initially designed for lighting control- to turn lights on when there was motion and off when there was no activity. Of course, we needed to provide a mechanism to adjust the time before the lights turn off. By default, X10 motion sensors have a thirty second or a one minute timeout. To use the motion sensors for VCR recording, you need to increase those timeout values to more than five minutes, since the VCR Commander always records for five minutes at a time. If you have the MS16A ActiveEye sensor or the FloodCam, rotate the timeout dial as far as it will go clockwise. This dial is under the waterproof cover (atop the MS16A; on the underside of the FloodCam.) Please refer to this article if you have MS13A or MS14A sensors.