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Why won't the remote control my camera?


  • Press the C1 button to initialize the remote. Try moving the camera or zooming to see if this fixed the problem.
  • Check the batteries. If the C1 button does not light up when you press it, the batteries may have been inserted incorrectly, or they could be dead.
  • Take the batteries out and put them back in according to the diagram inside the remote. If the remote still does not control your camera, try new batteries.
  • If you are sure the remote is working OK, unplug your camera from power then plug it back in. If it still does not move, please contact us.

Why isn't the camera focusing?


The camera's auto focus cannot work correctly if the protective lens cap is left on. Remove the lens cap and make sure the lens is clean. Try zooming out completely. The camera should automatically refocus itself.

How do I make the words on the camera picture go away?


You can turn off the onscreen label easily. Press and hold Setup on the camera's remote control until the green light stays on. Then, press Sweep (0), and Setup again. This will turn off the text label you see on the video display. Repeat these same steps to turn it on again.

How can I flip the camera's picture?


Vertical Orientation:

In some situations you may want to mount the camera upside down. Here’s how to flip the picture vertically in the camera so that the display on the TV is the right way up:

  1. Press and release C1.
  2. Press and hold Setup on the remote until the C1 button lights green.
  3. Press Iris Up to flip the picture. Press Iris Down to flip it back.
  4. Press Setup again to save this setting.

Horizontal Orientation:

You can also use the camera like a rearview mirror by reversing the picture horizontally from left to right:

  1. Press and release C1.
  2. Press and hold Setup on the remote until the C1 button lights green.
  3. Press Focus Up to reverse the picture. Press Focus Down to reverse it back.
  4. Press Setup again to save this setting.

Additional Setup Options

Please note that if you flip the picture vertically, you also need to flip it horizontally. This also makes the left and right movement buttons work the correct way for upside down mounting.

Why Am I Having Problems Getting Video IM to Work on My Computer?

You may need an upgraded Windows XP component to operate in conjunction with Video IM.

To use Video IM users may need an updated component of the Windows XP Operating System.
Here’s how to upgrade for use with Video IM:

1. First, completely sign out of AIM and any other programs running on your computer.

2. Click here to download the file for use together with Video IM.

3. When the download is complete, click Open or Run the program from its current location.

4. Follow the instructions on screen to install.

5. When installation is complete the program will be loaded but invisible and running in the background.

6. Restart your computer and launch AIM to enjoy Video IM.

Could you be behind a firewall?

You may be behind a firewall built into most home networks or broadband routers and not realize it.

Firewall software may be used by your Internet Service Provider, your company, your Windows XP operating system, or even in the hardware in your home that connects you to the Internet. If you have a home network or a broadband router, there is likely a firewall built into it.

If either you, or the person you want to Video IM with are behind a firewall and are having problems getting Video IM to operate, work with your Internet Service Provider, your company’s system administrator or modify your firewall software yourself to open ports 1024 through 5000. Once these ports are opened, Video IM should work if no other issues exist.

It could be your router.

Routers are devices used by your Internet Service Provider, or installed in your home network, to distribute Internet connections. A wide variety of routers will work with Video IM.

Below is a list of popular routers that work with Video IM in their default configuration. (minimal setup is needed)

ActionTec Geu404000-01

D-Link DI-704P

Linksys WRT54G

Linksys BEFSR41

Linksys BEFSX41

NetGear RP614

NetGear WGR614

Most other routers will also work, however, if yours does not, please report it to AOL with this link.
Also, be sure to follow the instructions above to install components to work with Video IM.
Remember, both you and the person you want to Video IM with may need to ensure your routers are not blocking Video IM.