Chiming: The difference between a Trouble Chime and a Arm with delay chime ("Max" setting)?

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Arm w/Delay Chime

When the SH624 Security Remote Control is in the "Max" setting, the Arm button will effect the system to arm at the end of the 60 seconds of chiming.

This is also always true when using the Arm button on the console.

  • The Arm w/Delay Chime is a steady, single tone, ding, ding, ding...but can be confused at first with the Trouble Chime.
  • The Arm w/Delay Chime will last only 60 seconds before the system arms.

Trouble Chime

The chime the console makes, when trying to Arm the system from any device while an un-bypassed window or door sensor is open, has a similar cadence.

  • The Trouble Chime is slow, steady and has TWO tones, a high and low, ding dong... ding dong.
  • PS561 - You will see a steady LED light corresponding to a number in the "zones" panel for an open window or door during the trouble chime.
  • SC1200 - You will see PROBLEM or TAMPER on the console's display for an open window or door during the trouble chime.
  • The Trouble Chime will continue until the system is disarmed and/or bypassed.